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Corso Erboristeria Intuitiva a Massa Martana (PG)



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Permaculture Educators’ Course in Denmark May 2015

Dear Permaculturalist

2fdbed0d-33a4-404e-aa93-09ee31c88b6dWe would like to invite you to participate in our Permaculture Educators’ Course to be held in Denmark this spring.

If you are currently teaching permaculture, or if you want to start teaching permaculture, this course will provide you with creative teaching skills to improve your courses.

This will be the 7th PEC we have organised and hosted. Past participants have come from more than 16 different European countries. See this link for some quotes about the course: link

There are limited places remaining for this course. Please follow our application process to be eligible for registration.

Please read the advertisement below, visit our website to apply:, or contact me if you need further information.

The deadline for applications is February 20th.

Feel free to send this email to people you think may be interested in the course.
Please note that a pre-requisite of this course is the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate plus a reasonable level of English.

Permaculture Educators’ Course May 12th – 19th, 2015


During eight interactive and information-filled days, Small Planet will be offering a course to enhance your skills in teaching permaculture and to enrich your curriculum.

Permaculture offers key solutions to the environmental, economic and social challenges facing human occupation of the planet.

The course is suitable for anyone teaching, or interested in teaching permaculture or other related topics.

 Objectives of the course:

  • To present tools, ideas and methodologies to boost your teaching and curriculum design.
  • To bring together European Permaculture educators to exchange ideas about teaching methods and content.
  • To help educators to teach creatively and confidently.
  • To provide the opportunity for educators to create their own support and communication network within Europe, as well as linking in to existing networks.

     The program will include:

  • How to present using a variety of teaching methods
  • Using icebreakers and energizers to keep interest
  • ‘Mini-teaches’ to gain first-hand experience with peer-review
  • ‘Open space’, games and small group discussions
  • Tours and practical sessions
  • Time for exchanging knowledge, experience and networking
  • Participant presentations
Course learning outcomes:
  • Course and session design
  • Creative teaching tools and techniques
  • Course

The course will be facilitated by Andy Goldring

1a54bd74-a29b-4f6e-bd0d-14f210cf9302Andy has been thinking about and practicing permaculture design since his first design course in 1993. He has used permaculture in many different contexts and with lots of different groups. After training, he helped with permaculture projects in Leeds, community projects and private home/gardens, and national projects as a volunteer with the Permaculture Association. For the last 13 years he has been the coordinator of the Permaculture Association, which gives him a good overview of permaculture in Britain and the context within which permaculture is operating.

Andy has been teaching permaculture since 1995, and has been involved in many design courses and numerous introductory and specialist trainings since. He has been lead tutor on at least ten design courses, including the last 6 years’ of Leeds PDCs, co-tutor on the 2009 Earth Activist Training course with Starhawk, and the 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Permaculture Educators’ Courses in Denmark.

He has contributed to many books and magazines and was the editor of ‘Permaculture – a teachers’ guide’.

Andy will be joined by Cathrine DollerisCathrine took an interest in permaculture for the first time in South Africa in 2000 while working with Zulu farmers, and has studied and applied permaculture in her later work in Nepal and Vietnam. She has also worked as a consultant evaluating and documenting rural development projects including permaculture projects and Farmer Field Schools. She is on the board of the Danish permaculture association and the coordinator of the Danish LAND network of permaculture demonstration sites.

Cathrine attended the Permaculture Educators’ Course at Friland in autumn 2010 and has since started teaching on permaculture courses and joined the European Permaculture Teachers’ Partnership.

Cathrine was the assistant facilitator on this course in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Andy and Cathrine will be joined by a team of workshop teachers leading a full day of practical activities.

PEC 2015 will be held at the community ‘Friland’, 35kms from Aarhus, Denmark.3e198dbb-5198-4fee-bded-b614fc16d483

Friland is a mortgage-free, intentional community, located inthe small village of Feldballe; 35kms north-east of Aarhus, Denmark (

Friland offers a living example of environmental design. We’ll experience its physical and social systems as part of the course.

Feldballe is surrounded by large forests, swimming lakes and is ideal for walking and cycling. Friland is easily accessible by public transport.

Costs and deadlines

The PEC is a fully residential course; all meals and accommodation are included in the course fee.
Accommodation will be in the guest-rooms of local residents.

Organic vegetarian food will be provided. Allergies and special diets may be catered for.

The minimum course fee for eight days of tuition, eight nights accommodation and all meals is 550 Euro. If you are a high income earner, are participating through a successful business, or can receive funding for this course, your course fee will be higher. Your fee will help to subsidise a lower fee for other participants. Please contact us for details.

693b51ad-8f22-413e-89a6-9fb4fddc0b98The deadline for applications is the 20th of February. Applicants will be notified with the results on the 23rd of February, and full payment is due on the 20th of March 2015.

UK and German residents may be eligible for full funding.
For the UK, contact Joe Atkinson ( learn [at] permaculture [dot] org [dot] uk )
For Germany, contact Antje Gerdes ( antje [dot] gerdes [at] gen-europe [dot] org ). If you are applying for this funding, you need to be actively involved as a trainer in adult education.

To apply for our course, please go to the application form link on our website: