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Manager for Organic Permaculture Garden

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Job description

Where & What?

GROL is a sponsored nonprofit garden based on Permaculture Principles which is located in Kyrenia (aka Girne), North Cyprus.

We are a Vegetarian Community working towards sustainability by growing some of our own food in an integrated system.

We organically grow a wide variety of plants. We have citrus and olive trees throughout the property.

We have chickens, ducks, dogs, & cats. Our birds increase diversity, provide organic fertilizer, and produce eggs for eating.

Here is the little History of GROL Garden:

It started in September 2012 as a few bean plants, cucumbers, and sunflowers. In October & November of 2012, RayChel, who founded GROL, began studying Permaculture Design and returned to Cyprus in January 2013 with the goal of growing organic food using the Principles of Permaculture. This has since evolved into an Garden that is run almost exclusively off of Volunteers. RayChel has relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada to develop GROL Garden Las Vegas.

Our current Project Managers are Mark and Ihsan. Ihsan is primarily in charge of the Animals & leading outdoor work projects. Mark runs the online sites, house details, and the scheduling, as well as helping lead outdoor work projects. He came here as a Volunteer in July 2013 and took on a permanent role soon after.

Mark would like to get involved with another project. We are hoping to find someone to replace Mark, someone he can train over the next few months.

Job duties would include:

Volunteer Management: Corresponding with potential volunteers, Keeping the Calendar up-to-date, Organizing Arrivals/Departures of Volunteers, Managing work hours and schedules, delegating duties.

Farm Work: Leading Outdoor work projects, Teaching others about our techniques, Making improvements, etc.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please find us on facebook and send us a message which includes:

Full Name:


Country of Origin:

English Skills:

Other Languages:

Health Problems/Possible Concerns/Limitations:

Allergies, Food restrictions:


Previous Experience (if yes, a brief description would be nice)

And any other notes you may like to add.

Please write us here:


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