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10 week permaculture internship in Sweden

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Ridgedale Permaculture is a family owned pasture and perennial crop based beyond organic local food producer and educational hub in Värmland, Sweden. A flagship poly- income diverse small farm, Ridgedale is Scandinavia’s first Keyline designed farm and a leading regional education provider in the field of Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture.


Ridgedale Permaculture’s primary responsibility is regenerating landscapes, ecosystem processes and soils through replicable, scalable and profitable symbiotic farm enterprises. Our secondary responsibility is to educate, facilitate, inform and empower people into action through regenerative design, enterprise and holistic decision-making that fosters and stimulates local community, economy and resilience.


Our 10 week accelerator Internship program is specially designed for people wanting a fast track intensive immersion into project initiation, working alongside a professional designer accredited by P.R.I. (Aus) & P.C. Assoc (UK). Are you are farmer or land-manager wanting to use regenerative design to overhaul your enterprise? A pre- professional or professional designer wanting to broaden your skills and get practical project initiation skills? Want to start a project and farm in the future and don’t know where to start? We believe this is a unique opportunity and learning experience in Europe, with 5 certificate courses and intensive hands on experience implementing diverse systems at the first Keyline designed farm and dedicated professional Permaculture education center in Scandinavia. This accelerator training is designed to fast track your Permaculture pathway.

You can tie this into a learning package by combining it with a PDC (a pre- requisite for the training) and receive a 10 week intensive learning immersion at the Farm HQ.  You will also be spending some time each week working on a private design project and can get regular feedback from a professional designer as well as supportive peer reviews within our learning community.

During your stay we will be dividing time between theory and practical work implementing regenerative systems within a holistic context and understanding of the farm design and decision making priorities.  We will be working hard, eating well and learning a lot!

Can’t make this training?

We offer 2 x 10 week Internship programs annually.  Whilst the experience will differ due to the season and activities at the farm, the overall intention and learning experience is designed in the same way.  We have a 10 week accelerator program running Jul – Sept 2014


Our courses are accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia (PRI Registered Teacher No. 24) and the Permaculture Association UK. This ensures you are you being trained by a personally vetted field trained professional, actively engaged in design and with recognized teaching skill. We make a living designing professionally and we live and work in our designs and are continually deepening our knowledge and understanding to empower what we have to share. We are engaged in regenerative design daily; professionally, on the farm and at home and have been for many years. We are 100% committed to radical system redesign by managing financial, social and ecological elements holistically.

DESIGN is the foundation of all our trainings Our experience shows that students engaging in regular design exercises synthesize course content much more effectively, and produce more competent and actionable designs. We teach principle-based design, so you will understand how to apply design to any site regardless of the climate or circumstance. Our no- nonsense approach to design is key to our trainings, and our practical experience in every major climate zone integrating the best of several disciplines of regenerative design means we can impart very broad and practical knowledge and experience.


We offer a clear, pragmatic and scientific approach to design. Permaculture is a design science; metaphysics is not included in our curriculums, and for good reason. Students of all backgrounds, cultures and religions are fully welcome and respected. We are integrationalists and believe in integrating anything effective and workable from any discipline to widen our scope, we have been using Keyline® design and Holistic Management® in our work for years.


We can support you after the training with both personal and professional experience in further education we can offer advice, design support and recommend further learning opportunities for those wishing to take design further. We have acted as mentors in longer term education programs, such as the 2 yr Permaculture Diploma, as well as run a wide variety of workshops and trainings to students from over 45 countries through all climate zones.


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